Back into the Thick of Things

As a couple of you might’ve noticed, I dropped out of the RPG scene (minus playing in a couple of G+ crowd games online–though not as many as I’d like) for the past few months and neglected a bit of map work, as well. I blame a lack of personal responsibility and the vagaries resulting from a new (thought not more demanding) job.  In the meantime, though, my map work for Jacob Hurst’s Swordfish Islandswhich just had a successful Kickstarter campaign and is now being delivered, has finally seen the light of day.

What’ll be different:

  1. I got burned out on mapmaking. After a couple years, I got bored with them, so I won’t be posting a lot of maps. Nor will I be begging for money for (poorly delivered) content via Patreon.
  2. Instead of maps, I’ll be posting a range of things: game ideas, RPG content, some maps, and a lot about an RPG setting/rule set I plan to write called Southfarthing Confidential, which is a game about halfling (don’t use the other H-word) sheriffs who have to deal with the criminal fallout of pipeweed prohibition in the Five Farthings.
  3. I’ll also be talking about ideas from the games I’m currently running at home and online. My current roster includes: Spear! Fang! Raygun! (my home-brew AS&SH campaign that’s a mix of He-ManConan, and Hanna-Barbera), a Deadlands-ish weird western, a home-brew Traveller game, and my G+/Roll20 Metamorphosis Alpha-inspired Mutual of Omaha Starship Vonnegut campaign, which has been running for a year now with only a couple players.
  4. This won’t follow a regular schedule. I’ll post when I post. But I plan on being more active again in the community; hopefully, that’ll lead to some fun games and DIY endeavors.

All right, that’s it. You can likely expect a real “first post” in the coming week.


Tomb of Idiosyncratic… [Area A]

This is the first section of my Tomb of Idiosyncratic Glandular and Neurochemical Response to Abrupt Sympathetic Nervous System Stimulation. This is an ongoing project where I draw isometric maps of individual areas of the dungeon and detail them.

The full map and background for the Tomcan be found here, but as of right now it is unlabeled. I’ll be labeling it and updating as I go.

Area A – Pool of the Disgruntled Gator-People
The smell of rotting fish and non-aquatic organisms overpowers anyone who area-a-bwapproaches this 40′ by 20′ by 30’pool. The water is the color and general low viscosity of baby poo following an
abundant helping of pea mash. Dead fish float and bob in the water, along with the occasional human hand (1 in 6 chance of bearing a magic ring) belonging to some previous ne’er or e’er-do-well who sought the lich Gabothax’s treasure.

Two gator-men (one a gator-woman) by the names of Slackmaw and Ralph are stationed at this pool to guard the entrance. They were hired recently after Lazzgrazzathax attended a conference on advanced dungeon stocking methods. Slackmaw and Ralph are unionized and disgruntled due to Gabothax’s paternal leave policies. At any given time there is a 2 in 6 chance that Slackjaw will be away from the pool while Ralph remains  behind alone, due to said policies banning the father from taking time off to sit with his clutch. When not guarding the entrance at the pool, Slackjaw can be found tending to their clutch of eggs at a nearby river or creek. It is important to note that gator-men are loving parents. If Ralph is found alone at the pool, PCs might be able to convince him to let them pass by offering sympathy for his situation.

Creatures: 2 Gator-people. room-a-iso

Cryo and Med Bay [Friday Map]

The following map is from my Wednesday night Voyages of the Mutual of Omaha Starship Vonnegut Metamorphosis Alpha/Mutant Future game. We’re three sessions in and the PCs have spent the majority of their time attempting to escape from the cryochambers in which they’ve been frozen for 500 years. The facility is embedded in a false cliff face along the wall of a deck which contains a 30 mile wide lake biome, which can be seen from the glass elevator at the top left and through the viewing area/lounge (with conversation pits) at the bottom left.





Don’t Call it a Hill Fort [Tuesday Map]

James Aulds, one of my Patreon backers and fellow player in Chris Kutalik’s Hill Cantons campaign, asked me to draw a war-bear hill fort, since he’s been playing Starilak (sp), a war-bear who has a healthy relationship with his polearm.

So, I’m obliging, I think. I’m not too happy with this sort of a hill fort, so I might return to it later, but in the meantime, here’s a war-bear hill fort for James.


Mountainside Redoubt [Friday “classic” map]

I drew this map a little over a year and a half ago, and… Well, it’s interesting to see how much my style has developed since then. But I still think it’s an cool map. I always liked cliff-side structures.


I have a few maps I’m working on which I’ll be posting soon. I’ve got the second part of the bathhouse I posted last week, an overland map of a new style I’m trying out, and a massive castle map.

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled Tuesday map next week. I got a little swamped this week at work, but new and interesting things are on the way!

Crypt of Plagiarismo the Totally Unique! [Friday Map]

This is really a generic crypt. Well, maybe not so generic considering that it’s basically a straight copy of Dyson Logos’s crypts, which makes them pretty fantastic, actually. I can’t, and won’t, pretend that I’m deeply indebted to Dyson when it comes to making maps. I’ve never aspired to creative authenticity with regards to my mapping style. I just like to draw them and get my creative kicks elsewhere. But I’ve been drawing them for a long while, but a few years ago when I stumbled onto Dyson’s maps, I knew I had to straight steal his style. Well, maybe I didn’t so much steal the style as sent Dyson an email asking him if it’d be okay if I copied his style. As usual, he was really nice about it and told me to go ahead. So, really this map is dedicated to his work because his crypts are probably my favorite.

So here’s a crypt.



The Ostensibly Coiffured Fraternity of Barber-Surgeons, Bleeders, and Leech Handlers’ Bathhouse, Salon, and Lounge, Part I [Tuesday Map]

Sprawling along the northern end of the Plaza of Sopping Nymphs in This-or-That City, the Bathhouse, Salon, and Lounge of The Ostensibly Coiffured Fraternity of Barber-Surgeons, Bleeders, and Leech Handlers offers customers a once-in-a-lifetime experience of full-body cleansing, inside and out. Take a dip in the hot, leech-ridden waters of the hirudarium or experience the touch of the highly trained fingers of local slave girls (or boys) on your sodden scalp in their VIP-only, tandem fellarium-irrumarium.

There are a few levels to this map, two more as of right now, which I’ll share in the coming weeks. I’m thinking about adding a dungeon level, too.