Me and Mapping

I’ve been drawing maps of various sorts  since before I was in the fourth grade, when my teacher Mrs.Pennington gave us an assignment that has undoubtedly had the greatest affect on me of anything I ever learned in grade school, undergrad, or graduate school. Our assignment was to create a fictional world. I remember thinking, A whole world? I think my world was something Jovian, gaseous and massive and inhabited by some sort of air-filled sac creatures. There might have been a strip of solid land around its equator–at the time I was obsessed with idea of the equator being a physical thing, like a deep pit out of which crawled various half-bug, half-deep sea creatures. It all started with learning about Amelia Earhart in second grade, when I read that her plane disappeared over the equator. I immediately turned her death into a pulp adventure, even though I had no idea what pulp was at the time and drew my first dungeon map of where she might’ve crashed. 

Anyway, being that this has been part of my life ever since that day, I’ve recently experienced another Holy Crap! moment in my love of mapmaking (I wouldn’t call quite call it cartography). When I first saw the dungeon maps of Dyson Logos, I was blown away. There was something about his minimalist style, old-school, I guess its called, which sparked something in my imagination. I’d been used to seeing the digital drawings of recent years in Dungeon Magazine and other RPG books and didn’t realize how beautiful such simple maps could be. So, I tried to imitate Dyson’s style (and emailed him to see if he would be too upset at the idea–luckily, he was all for it). After posting some early efforts in this style on Reddit’s r/dndnext, Dyson even offered to host a few of my maps on his website. Nothing could’ve been better. So far, Dyson has hosted a Permanent Character Record I made for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition back in February.

So, this blog is supposed to be for a comic I’m working on, but I think it’ll also be a place for RPG stuff I make, as well, including an adventure I’m putting together.

MegaDungeon was to br a webcomic set in and underneath the city of Ool Phlegmvach as it is descended upon by thieves, reavers, slayers, warlocks, plunderers, entrepreneurs, and an assortment of hoard-loot day loan services.


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