The Floggèd Pollywogg Bed & Breakfast

Here is my first (major) attempt at drawing a layout for an inn. I wanted to do something a bit more detailed than the usual dungeon map, so I added quite a few embellishments to the layout, such as tables and beds, etc. I like how it turned out. As per what’s becoming the common trend, below the map is a number of ideas on the dignified history of The Floggèd Pollywogg and ways you might incorporate it into your games.

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Mountain Stronghold of the Wooly Plesiosaur

Somewhere in the frozen peaks of a very secluded mountain range–the type that is commonly host to all number of fiercely religious stone age tribes who worship beasts of the primordial ages of yore–is the Stronghold of the Wooly Plesiosaur. Who built it? Why? How did a Plesiosaur find itself in a lake inside a mountain peak in the first place? Below the cut are a few suggestions for these mysteries.

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Thieves’ Guild Built in the Subterranean Ruin of [Insert Generic Anthropomorphic Urban Rodent God of Your Choice]’s Temple, Part One

(Update: If you like what you find here, you can find the updated, complete version here and a preview of the upcoming pdf and print version here.)

This is the first in many RPG maps I plan on posting that will include background and room information. I’ve included both a keyed and non-keyed version of the map for anyone’s use. Practically all of these locales will also be places that exist in the setting of my webcomic MegaDungeon. I’ve broken this into two parts. This post will cover half of the rooms in the dungeon.

Note: The intent of the descriptions for this “dungeon” is not to necessarily fulfill all of the needs of a DM to run an adventure so much as it is to serve as a launching pad for a DM’s imagination. So, be forewarned, there are no stats included here and the content is a bit zany.

Non-Keyed Thieves' Guild Map

Non-Keyed Thieves’ Guild Map

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